Brooke McCabe


Welcome! As a Cincinnati native, I am excited and passionate about our city's varying real estate and architecture styles. My job as your agent is to be that key that helps unlock whatever your buying and selling needs are! With several years in the industry, I will be available to help navigate the buying and selling process, whether you're a first time home buyer, or an experienced homeowner ready to move on.  Helping others allows me to do what I absolutely love. As an HGTV and DIY enthusiast, I enjoy finding ways to get the most value out of something and am not afraid of working to see results. I know how overwhelming, stressful, yet exciting home buying can be. A home is a place where you'll plant your roots, and as your agent I will help you find that next place you will call home. When you're ready to sell your property, we'll work together to ensure you get top value from your home. I'll work through every detail of the transaction to ensure your transition is a smooth one.